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Consulting on topics relating to 
Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

Here you will find answers to EPR obligations worldwide

We will be happy to provide you with personal advice and support your company in making exports abroad legally compliant. Below you will find examples of our consulting topics, but these can be individually adapted or extended, for example to the topic of single-use plastics or the introduction of new packaging - we are very flexible here.

Advice on EPR registration obligations

We help manufacturers and distributors of packaged products, electrical equipment, appliances with batteries and others understand their registration obligations in each country where they operate. Those selling all of the above across the EU have nearly 90 national EPR laws to comply with, some of which are always changing, they are in different languages and have different deadlines. Let us advise you on what your company has to comply with, when and where, so that you can get an overview of how much work will be involved.

Compliance with the Market Surveillance Regulation

Let us help you comply with the Market Surveillance Regulation or understand what obligations it imposes on you. This regulation affects marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay and requires them to check whether sellers have the necessary EPR registrations. Currently, for example, WEEE numbers are required in Germany or UID numbers in France for each affected area. This ensures that all products sold on these platforms comply with the regulations.

Tip: As part of our comprehensive International full-service, we will also be happy to procure these numbers for you directly.

Europe-wide labelling obligations simply explained and safely implemented

Benefit from our advice to know and comply with the regulations for labelling products and packaging in the EPR sector, according to the current EU directives. An example that most people know is the symbol of the crossed-out wheeled bin for electrical appliances. But it can also be the Triman logo in France, which has to be applied in various ways to packaging, textiles, electrical appliances and many other product areas. In Italy there is the Eco-Label, in Bulgaria and Portugal there are also requirements. We can help you find out which labels need to be applied where and how they should be designed for your specific products and packaging. This will allow you to prioritise and make the right decisions.

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