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The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), applies throughout Europe. In simple terms, almost all EU countries stipulate that companies that produce or distribute a product are responsible for what happens to that product and its packaging after it has been sold. They have to be responsible in advance for the end-of-life of their products and the whereabouts of the packaging. Each country has its own laws, systems and costs to be aware of.

More information on Extended Producer Responsibility can be found in the FAQ section.

International  full-service

If you want to legally secure your international business with regard to EPR, but still focus on your core business, then use International full-service.

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EPR Consulting

At our company, you as a customer are at the center of our focus. We want you to find exactly the right product and service. Therefore, extensive consultation is our top priority, so that you can make well-informed decisions.

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My Compliance Check

Sellers on online marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon in particular have to deal with a lot of administration and bureaucracy.
We support and advise you so that your seller accounts are not blocked.

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ElektroG Germany- WEEE

If you want to legally distribute your electrical or electronic products in Germany and register with the "Stiftung ear" in accordance with the ElektroG, you will find the right service for your company with us, whether it's full-service or warranty provision.

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BattG Germany - Batteries

If you want to legally distribute your batteries in Germany and register with the "Stiftung ear" in accordance with the BattG, we offer you full-service that includes both registration with the "Stiftung ear" and participation in an approved take-back system.

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VerpackG Germany-Packaging

If you want to legally market your packaging in Germany and register with the "Central Packaging Registry" (ZSVR) in accordance with the VerpackG, we offer you full-service support with registration in the Lucid Portal of the ZSVR as well as joining a dual system.

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