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Sell products that do not cause hassle. We help you to achieve that.

Companies involved in retail and trade are increasingly being challenged by customers, shareholders, NGO's and market surveillance authorities about issues with products. Every day there are issues with the safety of products, with substances that are restricted, with energy consumption that is not in line with regulations. The regulatory agenda is becoming more and more complex and, because of adding more and more technologies, so are products. Not being able to cope with this is potentially hampering your growth and reducing bottom-line results. These are aspects of businesses that management needs to control. ProductIP is a Compliance Tracking System (CTS) that facilitates that.

You will become a Pro in Product Compliance

We convert complex regulatory information into a step by step approach that starts with what you will understand: a product. You will then know what questions to ask your suppliers, what documents they need to upload directly in a structured way instead of sharing this in an uncontrolled way via e-mails. MatchIt, our built-in intelligence, offers a completely new approach to how to review documents. You don't need to learn new skills, you do need to be determined!


Deal with product compliance in a structured, efficient and proactive way. Make the right choices for suppliers and raw materials. Secure the quality of your product range. Control costs and mitigate risks at the same time. Your product compliance team deserves the best tool available. One that comes without investment in IT or staff. And enables you to start in only 5 minutes.

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