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New EPR Obligation for Textiles Manufacturers: Netherlands

(Implementation from 1st July 2023)

New EPR Obligation for Textile Manufacturers: Netherlands

What is Extended Producer Responsibility for textiles in the Netherlands about?

The Dutch textiles EPR regulation, which becomes legally binding on July 1, 2023, requires manufacturers and importers of clothing and home textiles in the Netherlands to be responsible for the waste disposal of their products. 
According to the decree, manufacturers and importers must:

  1. set up and finance a suitable system for separate collection.
  2. ensure the recycling and reuse of the collected textiles.

In this context, the government has set the following goals: By 2025, 50% of textiles placed on the Dutch market must be recycled or reused, with this share increasing to 75% by 2030. Currently, about 35% of textiles are recycled and reused.


Who is affected by the obligations for textiles?

The EPR regulation for textiles applies to companies that commercially introduce clothing, including work and corporate clothing as well as bed, table, and household linens in the Netherlands, including those containing recycled materials. It does not matter whether the end consumer is private or commercial. 


As an obligated company, you are responsible for the separate collection and processing of used textiles. You are responsible for ensuring that consumers and other end-users can return your products to a designated collection point in the Netherlands at any time without incurring costs. In addition, you must demonstrate the whereabouts of textile waste and report annually on the quantity of textiles you place on the Dutch market and on achieving collection, recycling, and reuse targets.


The 2023 declaration serves for collective registration. No fee is paid or charged for this declaration. Only in 2024 will you have to pay the preliminary fee for the amount of textiles you expect to place on the Dutch market. In 2025, the first actual quantities will be reported as the 2024 annual closing statement, and a final settlement will be carried out so that, in the end, only textiles products that are actually placed on the Dutch market will be charged.

Responsible supervisory authority

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

First steps

You have already taken the first step by becoming aware of this. My Compliance is happy to advise you on this matter, with the initial consultation always being free of charge. We can also assist you in fully complying with your new obligations regarding textiles in the Netherlands, if desired. Feel free to contact us without any obligation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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