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France: Labeling requirements for sports and leisure articles

(effective from April 28, 2024)

France: Labeling requirements for sports and leisure articles

Background of labeling requirements for sports and leisure articles in France

In France, the so-called "Infotri," which includes the Triman logo and the associated sorting instructions, is a labeling requirement outlined in Article 17 of the Law of February 10, 2020, on the fight against waste and the circular economy (Loi AGEC).

It is now applicable to sports and leisure articles (articles de sport et de loisirs/ALS) that are placed on the market under extended producer responsibility. Decree No. 2021-835 of June 29, 2021, provides further details on the law.


Important deadlines

April 2023: Authorities validated the Infotri for sports and leisure articles

April 28th 2024: New products must now bear the Triman logo with the sorting instructions for sports and leisure articles 

October 28th 2024: Deadline for depleting existing stocks


  1. The Infotri consists of a) the Triman logo and b) sorting information on how to sort or dispose of the waste generated by the product. The sorting instructions depend on the specific waste stream/take-back system, as described in points 2 and 3.
  2. The ASL-Infotri introduced by Ecologic was subject to consultation with manufacturers, their representatives, and industry stakeholders, leading to the desire to harmonize this InfoTri with other extended producer responsibility (EPR) value chains (e.g., packaging, electrical appliances, textiles, etc.).
  3. The ASL-Infotri is created in addition to other Infotris related to the product's marketing within other EPR streams. For example, "Packaging" InfoTri if the product is packaged + "Paper" Infotri if the product includes package inserts + ASL-Infotri.

Responsible supervisory authority

To allow for sufficient preparation time, it is recommended to start considering the labeling of your affected products now. If you require professional and comprehensive advice while managing your core business capacities, My Compliance offers a free initial consultation to help you decide whether you would like to seek our assistance.

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