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European Union: EU Textiles Directive

European Union: EU Textiles Directive

Background of the EU Textiles Directive

The European Commission is proposing rules to make producers responsible for the entire life cycle of textile products and to support the sustainable management of textile waste in the EU. Under the Green Deal, as well as the 2018 revision of the EU Waste Framework Directive, it was stipulated that all EU countries must implement this issue by 2025. 

Objectives of the EU Textiles Directive

The aim of this initiative is to accelerate the development of separate collection, sorting, reuse and recycling of textiles in the EU in line with the EU Sustainable and Circular Textiles Strategy. It is expected that by increasing the availability of used textiles, local jobs will be created and consumers in the EU and beyond will save money, while reducing the impact of textile production on natural resources.

Implementation of the EU Textiles Directive

The Commission also proposes to introduce mandatory and harmonised Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes for textiles in all EU Member States. EPR schemes have proven successful in improving the management of waste from a range of products such as packaging, batteries and electrical and electronic equipment. Producers bear the cost of managing textile waste, which also gives them an incentive to reduce waste and increase the recyclability of textile products by developing better products from the outset.
The amount producers pay into the EPR scheme is adjusted according to the environmental performance of the textiles, a principle known as 'eco-modulation'. My Compliance keeps its customers informed of such developments in order to have as much preparation time as possible.

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