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The Challenges and Opportunities of the PPWR for the EU

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The Challenges and Opportunities of the PPWR for the EU

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The Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) marks a significant step by the European Union to make the packaging industry more sustainable. Aiming to minimize environmental impact, increase recycling rates, and strengthen the circular economy, the PPWR sets ambitious standards. 

Details of the PPWR are available for those interested on the official EU website in both German and English.


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Despite the positive intentions of the PPWR, there is considerable resistance, especially from Germany and Italy. Reports, such as the one from EUWID about the "Linder Deal" with Italy, illustrate the political and economic challenges that the directive faces. The full report can be read here.

The reasons for opposition are diverse and deeply rooted in economic concerns, political interests, and technological challenges. They range from worries about high conversion costs and potential competitive disadvantages to concerns about fragmentation of the internal market and the influence of powerful lobbying groups.

Resistance from Germany and Italy against PPWR

Main Reasons for the PPWR Resistance

Supporters of the PPWR

On the other hand, there is broad support for the PPWR, led by the European Commission, environmental organizations, consumer associations, some industry sectors, and the scientific community. These stakeholders see the PPWR as an opportunity for sustainable development, environmental protection, and the promotion of a greener economy within the EU.


Implementation of the PPWR by Companies

For companies, the PPWR would not only present challenges but also opportunities. To effectively meet the requirements, companies should invest in sustainable packaging materials, optimize designs for recycling, make production processes efficient, and take extended producer responsibility seriously. Cooperation along the supply chain, transparent communication about sustainability efforts, and raising awareness about recycling and waste prevention are additional important steps.


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