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New EU Packaging Regulation (PPWR)

What businesses need to know now

The EU will introduce a new Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) that has significant implications for medium and large businesses across all sectors. This article provides a brief overview of the key aspects of the regulation

New EU Packaging Regulation (PPWR)

Preparation and Support by My Compliance GmbH

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Scope of the PPWR

The PPWR will apply across the EU and replaces the previous, less binding directives. All EU member states must incorporate this regulation into their national law. The regulations affect all companies that manufacture, import, or introduce packaging into the EU market.

Duties for Importers and Distributors of Packaging

Importers are responsible for ensuring that the packaging they introduce complies with the new EU requirements. This includes ensuring conformity through assessment procedures and maintaining the necessary technical documentation. Distributors must check whether manufacturers and importers are registered in the manufacturer register and ensure compliance with the regulations during storage and transport.

EU Packaging Regulation Implements Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)R

EPR is the overarching principle to encourage affected companies towards more sustainable production and distribution. The new regulation is part of this principle and demands even greater responsibility from manufacturers, importers, and distributors for the packaging they put into circulation. This includes the obligation to register in national registers, provide data, and thus ensure proper disposal and recycling of the materials.

Labeling Obligations in the European Packaging Regulation

In the future, packaging must be clearly and uniquely labeled to support recyclability. This includes information on material composition and reusability. Specific labeling regulations will be issued by the EU Commission within the next 1.5 years after the regulation comes into force.


Requirements for Recyclability

By the year 2030, all packaging must be designed in such a way that it can be easily recycled. This includes requirements for design, material selection, and construction of the packaging to optimize collection and recycling.

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