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Spain: Setting the course for new EPR regulations for B2B packaging

(Effective from 2025)

Spain: Setting the course for new EPR regulations for B2B packaging

Integration of B2B packaging in Spain

Starting from 2025, B2B packaging in Spain must also be registered. The management team of Ecoembes, the Spanish collection and recovery system for household packaging, has initiated processes to establish a new EPR system. With this step, Ecoembes intends to expand its measures to include commercial packaging. The goal is to provide companies with a holistic solution to fulfill extended producer responsibility (known as "RAP" in Spain) through a single collection and recovery system. This step is in response to a general industry demand following the royal decree 1055/2022 that extended the extended producer responsibility to commercial packaging. According to the new regulations, companies placing such packaging on the Spanish market must assume the organization and financing of the disposal of the waste they produce starting from 2025. Previously, this obligation only applied to household packaging.

On this occasion, the system has now initiated the process of definition and establishment. It will be further developed in the coming months to ensure compliance with the regulations by 2025. At that time, companies opting to use the system for commercial packaging can already express their preliminary agreement to the organization.

Further notable changes from 2025

In the aforementioned royal decree, there are additional innovations, such as:

  • By 2025, packaging made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) must consist of at least 25% recycled plastic, calculated as the average of all PET packaging placed on the market by your company.
  • By 2030, plastic packaging must consist of at least 30% recycled plastic, calculated as the average of all plastic packaging placed on the market by your company.
  • Through the measures included in this royal decree and others that may be adopted, efforts are being made to reduce the number of single-use plastic beverage bottles sold by 20% by 2030. Similarly, gradual progress is being made towards the end of the commercialization of single-use plastic packaging listed in Part A of Annex IV of Law 7/2022 of April 8.

We recommend that all distributors familiarize themselves with the new regulations in a timely manner in order to prepare accordingly. We are happy to advise you on whether these obligations apply partially or entirely to your company and implement everything you require in this regard.

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