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The new wave of packaging responsibility in Denmark -

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Packaging responsibility in Denmark

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From 1 April 2024, a new registration and reporting obligation will come into force in Denmark for companies that fall under producer responsibility for packaging.


This regulation aims to increase recycling rates and reduce the environmental impact of packaging waste. Companies are now obliged to register with the authorities and report their expected packaging volumes for 2024.



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The reporting obligation includes a detailed breakdown of the expected packaging quantities according to materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, aluminium, beverage cartons and wood. Companies must also indicate whether the packaging is disposed of as residual or hazardous waste. This information is crucial in order to organise the disposal and recycling processes more efficiently.

Membership of the waste disposal company is free of charge until pre-registration in April 2024. After that, there will be an initial fee for the system as well as a fee for the authorities. Joining the system is a one-off payment of DKK 4,000 (DKK 2,000 for companies below the de minimis threshold).


In addition, there is a registration fee of DKK 1,000 (DKK 500 for companies that are already registered with the DPA).


What needs to be reported?

Overview of fixed costs

Special features for 2024 and beyond

For 2024, only the total categories need to be reported. Companies with less than 8 tonnes of packaging material per year can benefit from simplified reporting procedures. Reusable packaging does not have to be reported until after 1 July 2025, when producer responsibility comes fully into force.


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