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Switzerland: Packging

Switzerland: Packging

Swiss Business Statement on Packaging

Various economic groups in Switzerland involved in the production and disposal of plastic packaging and beverage cartons have signed a statement of intent promising to establish a nationwide recycling system for these plastic packagings and beverage cartons. This step lays the foundation for the future system. 

The "Collection 2025" project aims to move away from single-use items and towards environmentally friendly reuse. More than 70 organizations, from manufacturers to recyclers, are working to create a nationwide recycling system for plastic packaging and beverage cartons in Switzerland.

National Collection System for Specific Packaging in Switzerland

The goal is to establish a uniform system for collecting plastic packaging and beverage cartons in Switzerland. Following an agreement signed last year, the new statement of intent provides further details. 

There will be a collection bag available throughout Switzerland in the future, which will always look the same – meaning the same colors, sizes, and information. Moreover, the feasibility of a uniform price across the country is being examined. 

How will this system be funded? It has a mixed financing structure consisting of: 

  1. contributions for the bags
  2. money from the companies introducing the products into circulation
  3. proceeds from recycling. 

All costs, from collection to recycling, are covered by this. Adjustments to the financing might be made in the future.

Packaging Recycling Targets and Organization

There's a plan to recycle more packaging by 2030: 55% of plastic packaging and 70% of beverage cartons. These targets align with those of the EU. 

An umbrella organization oversees the collection and recycling system. Companies that bring packaging into circulation play a significant role. They must ensure that their products are easily recyclable and are subject to scrutiny. Technology and processes are expected to improve continually, and transparency is emphasized. This means that all stakeholders must clearly report on how much packaging they produce and how it's recycled.

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