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What does EU Regulation 2023/1542 on batteries and waste batteries regulate?

The EU Regulation 2023/1542 on batteries and waste batteries, adopted in 2023, represents a pivotal step in European environmental and waste policy by establishing comprehensive requirements for the design, use, recycling, and disposal of batteries and waste batteries. This regulation is an integral part of the European Union's efforts to promote a circular economy and minimize the environmental impacts of batteries throughout their entire lifecycle.

EU Regulation 2023/1542 on batteries and waste batteries

1. Objective and Scope

The regulation aims to reduce the environmental impacts of batteries and waste batteries while simultaneously promoting innovations in battery technology. It applies to all types of batteries, regardless of their shape, volume, weight, material composition, or intended use, and sets specific requirements for the various battery categories.

2. Design and Manufacturing of Batteries

The regulation establishes clear requirements for the design and manufacturing of batteries to minimize their environmental impacts. This includes regulations to reduce the content of hazardous substances in batteries, promote the use of recycled materials, and enhance the durability and performance of batteries.

3. Collection Targets and Battery Recycling

The regulation stipulates that member states establish appropriate collection and return systems for waste batteries to ensure their environmentally sound treatment and recycling. It also sets clear targets for the collection and recycling of batteries and requires member states to ensure that batteries are collected and recycled separately from other waste.

4. Labeling and Information Obligations

Manufacturers and importers of batteries are required to label batteries and packaging with specific information to inform consumers, end-users, and waste treatment enterprises about the proper handling, disposal, and recycling of batteries.

5. Manufacturer Responsibility

Battery manufacturers are obliged to participate in the costs for the collection, treatment, and recycling of waste batteries. They must also ensure that they only place batteries on the market that comply with the requirements set out in the regulation, and they must regularly report on the batteries they have placed on the market.

6. Connection with the European Green Deal

The Battery Regulation is closely linked with the European Green Deal and supports its goal of making Europe climate-neutral by 2050. By promoting sustainable practices throughout the entire lifecycle of batteries, the regulation contributes to minimizing the environmental impacts of battery production and use while simultaneously promoting the circular economy and sustainable mobility.

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