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Frequently asked questions about distribution within the EU

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions of our customers and interested parties on the topic:

"Distribution within the EU"

What is Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)?

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), a principle of EU environmental policy, obligates manufacturers, importers, and traders to sustainably design the entire lifecycle of their products by being responsible for the environmentally friendly design, production, collection, recycling, and disposal of their products. Various EU directives and regulations, including the Waste Framework Directive, the WEEE Directive, and the Packaging Directive, as well as initiatives like the European Green Deal, define and regulate EPR to minimize the environmental impact of products, promote the circular economy, and reduce environmental strain throughout a product's lifecycle.

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What does EU Directive 2012/19/EU on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulate?

This directive, also known as the WEEE Directive, regulates the disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment and obligates member states to establish collection systems for this waste. Manufacturers are required to participate in the costs of collecting, treating, and recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment.

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What does EU Regulation 2023/1542 on Batteries and Waste Batteries regulate?

This regulation pertains to batteries and waste batteries and stipulates that manufacturers must ensure batteries are disposed of or recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

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What does EU Directive 2018/852 on Packaging and Packaging Waste regulate?

This directive amends Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive 94/62/EC and strengthens the requirements for EPR systems. It stipulates that manufacturers must contribute to covering the costs of collecting, transporting, treating, and recovering packaging waste.

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What does the Electrical Law Germany regulate?

Regulations for the registration, return, treatment, and disposal of electrical and electronic devices in Germany.

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What does the Battery Law Germany regulate?

Regulations for the return and disposal of waste batteries and for the labeling of batteries in Germany.

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What does the Packaging Law Germany regulate?

Requirements for manufacturers and distributors of packaging to ensure the return and recovery of packaging waste in Germany.

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