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Nina Schulz and Dennis Maubach, Managing directors

My Compliance GmbH

Your EPR in the best of hands

Welcome to My Compliance! We are Nina Schulz and Dennis Maubach, we run a dedicated family business in the middle of the beautiful Eifel region. We met a few years ago in the environmental industry and already envisioned starting our own company one day. Our goal was to help obligated companies fulfil their various national and international obligations responsibly, personally, quickly and transparently.

Why is "responsible" at the top of the list here? Because we are aware that our clients place their trust in us to fulfil their legal obligations and we have a great responsibility. As a family business, it is important for us to make sustainable decisions and always view our services from our clients' perspective. Our goal is to confirm your trust and relieve you of your core business.

We want to help promote sustainability through closed loops and well thought-out solutions. We strive to provide the best possible support to manufacturers so that they can meet the relevant specifications.

We are part of the Ellen Mac Arthur Community, which aims to advance and strengthen the global circular economy.

Nina Schulz

Nina Schulz, Managing director


Nina Schulz is from Bonn and worked professionally in Bonn and Cologne for a long time. She has been working in the dual systems and services industry in the field of EPR obligations for 15 years. Throughout this time, Nina has worked exclusively in the client area, so the advice and close exchange as well as trusting client relationships are some of the things she enjoys most about her work.

Part of her career are positions as team assistant, later assistant for Europe, account and key account manager. She has also managed projects in the field of international licensing (incl. USA), trained as an environmental protection officer (TÜV certified) and most recently worked as a senior consultant for national and international EPR topics. Since 2018, she has specialised particularly in international commitments and has greatly expanded her know-how in this area.

Private life

Born in Colombia, based in Bonn, the daughter of a father who worked in German development aid for decades and a foreign language teacher as her mother, Nina has lived abroad several times and speaks four languages, so she really enjoys the international part of her work. Besides her job, her family life with her little daughter and her partner and co-founder, Dennis Maubach, is most important to her. Followed since her youngest childhood by the hobby Iceland / Icelandic horses and everything that has to do with it, as well as yoga, if time allows, exploring the Eifel and reading biographies.

"Our company was a big step for me, which I am incredibly happy about. Personal contact with our customers and business partners is very important to me. They should have a fixed contact person in me who looks after them all the time and knows their concerns. To be able to implement this in this way fills me with happiness."

Dennis Maubach

Dennis Maubach, Managing director


Dennis Maubach comes from Troisdorf, and in recent years he has held professional positions in Duisburg, Neuss and Cologne. For more than 5 years, he has been working in the extended producer responsibility sector, primarily in international business. Starting as a project manager, he rose to team leader and then to division manager. These responsibilities paved the way for his independence with My Compliance.

His interests and strengths lie above all in the areas of software development and process optimisation.

Private life

Born in Troisdorf in the Rhein-Sieg district of North Rhine-Westphalia, Dennis grew up bilingual as a Rhinelander, of course. In addition to High German, he was also born speaking the Rhineland's Low German, which has strong links to Kölsch which is spoken in Cologne. He enjoys communicating with customers and partners, but as a family man he also likes to spend time with his partner and co-founder, Nina Schulz, and their little daughter in the beautiful Eifel landscape, hiking there when time allows and is interested in films and music. 

"The idea of taking the step into self-employment, founding my own company and being able to decide for myself in which direction the company would develop, has accompanied me since my training. With this step, many new and, above all, exciting areas of responsibility have been added."


Chief Controlling Officer &
Chief Purr Officer (CCO & CPO)

Bonnie, Chief Controlling Officer & Chief Purr Officer (CCO & CPO)

We would like to introduce our new team member who joined us in February 2024.


With an impressive background in nap management, purr therapy, and controlling, Bonnie, the calico-cat born in Bonn in 2023, has proven to be an indispensable part of the My Compliance team. Since joining the company, she has perfected the art of reducing office stress by skillfully demonstrating how to take breaks on the sofa, sleep on office chairs, and remind us of mindfulness by looking out into the garden from her vantage point on the windowsill.

Bonnie, Chief Controlling Officer & Chief Purr Officer (CCO & CPO)

Her typical workday includes extensive sunbathing, inspecting empty boxes, and participating in races with the human offspring in the house. Bonnie is not only known for her exceptional talent in boosting the resilience of her human colleagues by making everyone trip over her or nibbling on break-time sandwiches, but also for her unwavering commitment to hunt down every tiny insect that dares to enter the office.

Bonnie, Chief Controlling Officer & Chief Purr Officer (CCO & CPO)

Bonnie is also responsible for time tracking and meticulously monitors who is busy with what and when. On the other hand, she lives by the motto: "A relaxed team is a productive team" and takes her role as Chief Purring Officer (CPO) and head of relaxation and employee well-being very seriously.


When she's not creating a comfortable atmosphere in the office, Bonnie enjoys long forays, refining her hunting techniques, and extensive cuddling with her favorite humans.

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