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Packaging waste, Electronics or Batteries
our EPR service in a quick overview

We are happy to discuss which EPR service is best suited for your company to fulfill your EPR compliance in an individual, free-of-charge phone call or online meeting.

Our great specialty.
With International full-service electrical appliances, batteries, packaging, furniture and textiles EU-wide, legally secure distribution.

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Intensive, tailored consultation on EPR compliance, both national and international, particularly regarding international labeling requirements, is available.

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Sellers on online marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon in particular have to deal with a lot of administration and bureaucracy.
We support and advise you so that your seller accounts are not blocked.

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Fulfil the obligations of the ElektroG in Germany now with our WEEE Germany Full Service. All-round carefree distribution of electrical appliances in Germany.

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Fulfil the obligations of the BattG in Germany now, with our Batteries Germany Full-Service you bring your batteries legally secure onto the German market.

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Fulfil the obligations of the VerpackG in Germany now with our Packaging Germany Full-Service.

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This makes us the right partner for you 
in the field of 
international EPR obligations

Our combined 20 years of experience in the environmental management, international EPR consultancy and international EPR service industry, as well as our experience on the side of EPR obligated parties, such as wholesalers and retailers, in sales and purchasing, form the cornerstones of the expertise we can offer you today.

Nina Schulz and Dennis Maubach, Managing directors

We are a family business with heart,
run by us Nina Schulz and Dennis Maubach.

Our services at a glance:

  • Webinars and consulting
  • Review of your pan-European EPR obligations
  • Implementation of registration obligations
  • Contract management
  • Provision of an authorised representative in other European countries
  • Quantity reports
  • Invoice verification and correction management
  • Handling of all correspondence with authorities and disposal systems
  • Monitoring current legislation and passing on information in the event of changes
  • Support in the implementation of EU-wide labelling obligations

We are happy to support you and your company

  • You have never heard of extended producer responsibility (EPR)
  • Do you need a quick and secure registration in Germany, the EU, or worldwide?
  • Amazon, eBay, or other marketplaces lock your account because you are missing the necessary registration numbers for Germany, France, etc. (market surveillance regulation)
  • You urgently need a BDO number in Poland
  • You are missing the UINs for the respective EPR flows in France
  • The internationally different labeling requirements are causing you difficulties in implementation
  • You need an authorized representative for packaging in Germany, Spain or Austria

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or reach us directly in person by phone or e-mail:

Phone: +49 2443 994912-0
Mobile: 0160 4256809
Email: beratung@my-compliance.de


We advise and register your company regarding the EPR guidelines for WEEE, batteries and packaging as well as textiles and furniture at home and abroad.

 My Compliance is your partner for extended producer responsibility (EPR), recycling and compliance in the heart of the picturesque Eifel region.

Your advantages with My Compliance

From SMEs to large corporations - EPR compliance implemented in a legally secure manner
From SMEs to large corporations - EPR compliance implemented in a legally secure manner

We conscientiously analyse your distribution channels and sales markets, as well as the categorisation of your products and packaging.

Relief from extended producer obligations - security for your core business
Relief from extended producer obligations - security for your core business

You take care of your core business again - we safeguard you, including legal monitoring and registration reports, so that you are always up to date without it costing you time.

Tailored services for manufacturers and distributors
Tailored services for manufacturers and distributors 

From a small compliance check for one country to large international consultancy projects, from pure labelling enquiries to multi-country full-service packages - we will find the right offer for you.

Personal contact – Nina Schulz and Dennis Maubach
Personal contact - 
not just a phrase but daily practice

One-to-one care is our deep conviction, so that a relationship of trust can develop. Our customers are our greatest value and should be treated as such.

Efficient processing time - fast reactions and evaluations
Efficient processing time - 
fast reactions and evaluations 

Our structure and digitisation allows registration reports at the touch of a button and a response time of 1-2 working days, so that all processes can continue swiftly on the way to your compliance.

Competence - 
the key to qualified consulting

We have been dealing with EPR obligations for 20 years, specifically with EU foreign countries for 5 years, the co-founder is TÜV qualified and the company is part of the Ellen Mc Arthur Community.

European Union: New EU Packaging Regulation (PPWR)

The new EU Packaging Regulation, also known as the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR), will become mandatory across all EU member states and demands that manufacturers, importers, and distributors take comprehensive responsibility for their packaging, including registration duties and extended obligations for disposal and recycling. Additionally, from 2030, all packaging must meet recyclability requirements, necessitating specific labels for material composition and reusability to enhance the efficiency of recycling processes. 

New EU Packaging Regulation (PPWR)

Spent Grain for the Packaging Industry: Revolutionary Nanocellulose from Waste for Sustainable Packaging.

Researchers at Empa have devised a method to convert spent grain, a by-product of the brewing process, into high-quality nanocellulose for sustainable packaging materials. This innovation presents an eco-friendly alternative to traditional packaging materials and could offer significant economic benefits for businesses.

Spent Grain Revolutionizes Packaging Industry

Denmark: new packaging responsibility for manufacturers

From 1 April 2024, companies in Denmark that fall under producer responsibility for packaging must register and report their expected packaging volumes in order to increase recycling rates and reduce environmental impacts. The reporting obligation includes a detailed breakdown by material and an indication of the type of disposal, while simplified reporting procedures exist for the year 2024 for companies with less than 8 tonnes of packaging material and reusable packaging does not have to be reported until July 2025.

 Denmark: new packaging responsibility for manufacturers

 USA-Wisconsin: New legislation for electrical appliances

In Wisconsin, Senate Bill 866 revises the existing "E-Cycle Wisconsin" electronics law, making changes based on recommendations from the Department of Conservation and Resources. Key changes include a new method for setting annual recycling goals for electronics manufacturers, an expanded definition of "peripheral equipment" and an increase in registration fees for manufacturers beginning in March 2025.

 USA-Wisconsin: New legislation for electrical appliances

USA: Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for Textiles

In the USA, various states such as California, New York, and New Jersey are taking a pioneering role with legislative proposals for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for textiles, obliging producers to implement collection and recycling programs and to promote a circular economy. Across states, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has proposed the FABRIC Act to boost domestic clothing production and labor protection measures, with support from other Democratic senators.

USA: Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for Textiles
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Nina Schulz and Dennis Maubach
Managing directors

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The extended producer responsibility resulting from the directives, in the national and international area, often causes questions and perplexity for companies.

  • You don't have the time or capacity for extensive research?
  • Do you need quick help for registration numbers?
  • An overview of your labelling obligations for packaging?
  • An online platform demands EPR data you don't have?

We can help you focus on your core business again, advise you on your EPR obligations and can also offer and largely take over your responsibilities in a full service.

We look forward to your contact.

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